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Today’s businesses are filling an all-time high number of jobs and spending an incredible amount of money in hiring. According to SHRM, an estimated 66 million roles are filled per year, and of the $20 billion that companies spend on human resources vendors annually, the majority is going toward talent acquisition. To help employers make the most of that investment,  SmashFly has created an AI-driven sourcing, prospect matching and campaigning solution that can create efficiency in the most complex of hiring scenarios.  

Regardless of the intricacy of talent matching that your business requires, there’s no reason to start from scratch for every new hiring requisition. Through the process of sourcing, recruiting and interviewing candidates, you’ve built a database of screened and engaged candidates that are eager to work for your company. On average, $4,128 in advertising is spent per job posting in the US, and yet you already have a database that could have your next best hire sitting in it: your recruiting CRM.  

Say your company is relocating to the Boston metro area in six months, and you need to source senior-level data scientists with Python experience local to the area. You can with Pipeline Intelligence.

Rather than have the fire drill of finding highly specific regional talent on short notice, you can instead create an always-on proactive pipeline that can help your business plan and prioritize hiring needs well before moving day. SmashFly’s AI-driven sourcing helps you pre-empt your hiring needs with categorized and qualified prospects. All you need to do is create a pipeline that matches your database by the new region and specific skill requirements. 

Pipeline creation based on location and skill criteria

Once enabled, the pipeline will be always-on, finding and mining your prospects for the big move. 

Now, say you need to create a pipeline that consists of skill matched candidates that are already employees and willing to relocate. Yep, Pipeline Intelligence does that.

Your company understands that with the impending move, having existing employees make the move will increase ramp-up speed and ensure your business’ success in the new location. For that reason, you’ve created an employee incentive for moving and need to create a pipeline that identifies all internal qualified candidates. Using SmashFly Pipeline Intelligence, you can simply take a skill matched list of prospects and then filter by internal versus external. 

Filter pipeline by internal or external talent

Having a list of pre-qualified candidates that already work for you makes it easier to create customized relocation hype campaigns that drive interest and give employees more opportunities to grow with your organization. 

Next, say you’re ready to convert this talent to apply and hire, which means you need to send that segmented list an on-time, on-message campaign quickly and easily. Pipeline Intelligence is your go-to.

SmashFly’s Pipeline Intelligence is the most efficient starting point for candidate campaigning and relationship-building because it empowers recruiters to send personalized job campaigns directly from the CRM pipeline view, keeping the entire process in a streamlined workflow. Nothing gives recruiters the edge on their hiring process like the ability to prioritize audiences and best direct their time and energy toward the most promising leads. 

Add to a mass email campaign

For example, what if you’ve built a talent pipeline that is highly matched based on skills, but shows varying levels of engagement? With the ability to instantly add qualified pipelines directly to jobs or campaigns, you can inspire high quality and highly engaged talent to take action by sharing a relevant job opening with a tailored landing page. Or, on the flipside, warm up less engaged talent with branded nurture campaigns to build awareness and affinity for the company’s values.  

By creating an AI-driven pipeline to source and match for your businesses upcoming move, you’re skipping that “start from scratch” step. The time it takes to post the new job, to allocate advertising dollars to the posting, to have your recruiters build their pipeline of candidates is all short cut by SmashFly’s Pipeline Intelligence module. We enable you to turn your recruiting CRM into an actionable, intelligent database that generates a real return on hiring investment – rather than constantly spinning your wheels at the source.  

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