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Read the news on the Symphony Talent SmashFly acquisition here.

If you’ve ever worked in a startup, you know it can be a roller coaster. There are days you think you have everything figured out. And others where you’re left wondering if you have any clue what you’re doing. 
This tweet from entrepreneur TK Kader says it all:

In my time at SmashFly, I’ve seen a lot of change — so much of it incredibly positive. I’ve seen our team create and grow Transform, the first-ever recruitment marketing industry event, which brought together thousands of talent acquisition leaders in June and has influenced thousands of others since 2016. I’ve seen us build and launch new products that have helped customers tackle some big recruiting challenges. And I’ve seen us hire some unbelievably talented people who’ve shaped the vision we’re all marching toward. 

The one constant theme in all of that? Evolution. 

It’s unavoidable in companies like ours. And when you embrace it, you can find significant opportunity in those moments. 

Taking a Big Step in Our Journey

Speaking of opportunity, we have some big news to share. 

Today, SmashFly announced the next step in its evolution: an acquisition by Symphony Talent and a new opportunity to leverage the best of both businesses to build something special and unparalleled in talent acquisition. 

If you’re not familiar with Symphony Talent, here’s what you need to know: 

I could write a bunch of words about why I think Symphony Talent acquiring SmashFly could change the game for our customers, or how the combined product will ultimately create a platform that stands alone in our industry. But you know I’m biased. 

Ultimately, it’s better to hear it from someone like Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research Partners, who studies this space and has an eye on the direction for the future: 

“Symphony Talent has continued to strengthen its deep functionality in career sites, candidate journey, and candidate communication. It has differentiated itself in a competitive market with an innovative product, global capabilities, and strong services. The addition of SmashFly’s CRM and internal mobility solutions to the portfolio creates a powerful force to be reckoned with in the talent acquisition industry.” 

I’ll take that.

Where Do We Go From Here? 

Today simply marks the beginning of a new chapter — and the combined SmashFly and Symphony Talent teams have the chance to write it together. 

As with any change, there’s work to be done to integrate our teams, products, and vision. That’ll happen over the next weeks and months, and I have no doubt our teams will work collaboratively and fervently to deliver. 

But for customers — the folks we all care most about — the commitment is simple: SmashFly will continue to operate with the same focus, care, and attention that have underpinned our partnership from the beginning. 

We’ll continue to deliver on our roadmap. Our teams will continue to build products that enhance our platform and sharpen our vision. And we’ll do all of that in lockstep with another company that has a strong grasp of our industry and the talent to maximize and deliver on that knowledge. 

Ultimately, Symphony Talent augments us in so many positive ways, from its award-winning products to some of the world’s best employer brand strategy and creative services offerings. It’s a relationship that should only accelerate — and enhance — the things we were already doing. 

That is the real opportunity that drove this acquisition. 

There’s so much more to come. But one thing is clear: SmashFly has always embraced transformation. If there’s an opportunity to make ourselves — and our industry — better, we’re going to find it. And this step — the biggest one we’ve taken to date — is just the next step on that journey.

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