We live in a highly digital social world that is seeing video consumption grow in popularity and importance. For example, when given the choice between text or video, 72% of people prefer to learn and engage with a brand via video. When we think about this statistic as it relates to candidate experience and talent acquisition, we uncover an even deeper layer of online information gathering and decision-making habits.  

Research shows that candidates prefer information and video content directly from employees. The days of those 3-4 minute long talking head corporate videos inter-cut with sweeping drone aerial footage and b-roll of ping pong tables are dead. People are craving personalized and employee-generated content in their media format of choice: video.

This is why we sought out the best-in-class employee-generated / employer-approved video platform on the market, Altru Labs, and created a purpose built integration that enables you to leverage the power of employee-generated videos in your SmashFly career sites, landing pages, and candidate relationship management (CRM) campaigns.

A Simple Way to Attract, Retain, and Onboard Talent

Today’s consumers crave intimate and authentic engagement with the companies they admire. One-third of the most viewed Stories on Instagram are from brands. The best way to create authentic experiences for your brand is to put the storytelling directly in the hands of your employees.

Why? Employees bolster credibility and trust, and can create a ripple effect; when one employee shares a personal video, other colleagues are encouraged to do the same, and the content builds upon itself. Our video partner not only makes it an easy experience for employees to create videos from their personal mobile devices, the platform has built-in prompts and an approval process so you can ensure your brand story is being told with accuracy.

Now armed with a library of killer video content, the next step is the distribution piece. How do you activate your employee stories to weave together a cohesive and personalized end-to-end candidate experience?

You integrate your videos on your career page, where you can show not just job listings, but employee-generated videos with testimonial from your next best hire’s future colleagues.

Next you enhance your SmashFly emails with highly personalized and engaging video content for any occasion – newsletter, welcome events, job department-specific – using our drag-and-drop interface.

SmashFly drag drop video CRM email

SmashFly drag drop video CRM email newsletter

Lastly, you use SmashFly’s video engagement metrics to see which videos are most watched or generate the highest conversion rates, and now you have a systematic way to measure your success and optimize your talent acquisition efforts.

SmashFly and Altru users can get started today adding employee videos to their SmashFly email templates and career sites by simply asking their customer success manager. SmashFly will take care of the easy implementation, and you and your employees will be camera-ready in no time!

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