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If your photo was right at the top of this blog post, would you be more interested in reading it?

And if I spoke to you like I knew you, and understood your interests, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, would I have — and hold — your attention? 

Would you read a little bit more?

Actually internalize and trust what I say?

Share a little more about yourself?



No, I’m not trying to Jedi mind trick you into joining my benevolent cult of Texas-based content marketers (that’s actually the goal of my next blog post). I’m simply proving that personalization matters. Because while you may care about what I have to say, I guarantee that you’d care a lot more if it were about you.

That’s the logic behind SmashFly’s latest career site enhancement. We’re making it about your candidates. This new functionality empowers talent acquisition teams with scalable storytelling to automate a uniquely personalized, employer brand-driven experience throughout the career site, from homepage all the way to job descriptions. 

Given how important a job is (the average person will spend about 24% of their life working), I can’t think of anything more important to personalize than an experience to select a career. 

Technology should work for you, not create more work. 

Your career site is the hub of the majority of your employer brand content: employee stories, videos, events, FAQs, job descriptions and more. As you build out more and more pages and more and more content, your intention is to ensure more of your talent finds the content they need to make a more informed decision about working at your company. So what if your career did that for you? 

I’m with you: sign us up. Your career site, if nothing else, should do two things:

  1. Tell the right stories and communicate expectations so talent understands as best as possible the company, the people and the job 
  2. Screen the right people in – and convert them to applicants – and screen the wrong people out – or convert them to talent network leads

Powered by machine learning, SmashFly career sites now learn and adapt to candidates based on their demographics and previous site behavior. 

This immensely personalized approach will help more accurately depict what a job (or better yet, career) looks and feels like — pulling interested candidates further into the experience, while hopefully cycling out (by their own decision-making) those who may not be the right fit for this particular job or the company culture entirely. 

It sounds a little scary to screen talent out, but the end goal is a win-win-win: more qualified candidates who understand job expectations, less unqualified candidates who decided not to apply due to authentic content and storytelling, and more relevant conversations between candidates and recruiters post-apply. Essentially, happy people all around. 

Career site functionality that brings storytelling to life.

  • Dynamic Personalization: Now, our career site platform can deliver targeted, relevant content – from videos, images and employee stories to events, jobs and career paths – based on the visitor’s persona, location and/or site behavior in real-time. 
Dynamic personalization from Hilton Grand Vacations.
If a candidate searches for “hospitality” jobs on the career site, on their next visit they’ll see imagery, headlines, content, employee stories, etc. relevant to the hospitality industry and careers.

  • Blog: Native to the content management system (CMS), you and your teams can build a talent-facing blog within the career site – no integration with external blogs or systems required. Phew. 
Blog from Northwell Health.
Recruiters and recruitment marketers now have an additional tool at their fingertips to communicate their employer brand and stories in a blog format, with live preview and SEO optimization capabilities built in.

  • Enhanced Job Descriptions: Talent can toggle through relevant job and culture content without having to leave the job description page, enabling a more seamless experience and supporting their understanding of the specific job and current employees, leading to a more qualified decision to apply. 
Enhanced job descriptions from Chili's.
Many candidates’ career site visits start on the job description page; it’s the first (and sometimes only) opportunity employers have to authentically represent and communicate their brand and the job to generate interest and conversion.

And when around half of career site visitors start on your job description pages, it’s critical to offer them more interesting, relevant information than a list of bullets and legalese, because in reality, this might be the only page they see. 

It may seem obvious, but a staggering amount of companies (86% to be exact, based on our upcoming Fortune 500 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report) don’t include any images, videos or personalized content in their job descriptions. There’s an overwhelming opportunity for talent acquisition teams to strategically utilize the content and stories they publish via email, on social media and just elsewhere on the career site on relevant job pages – and now, our career site does it for you.  

So when candidates come to your site and see themselves, hear from their people, and feel like your company truly gets them, do you know what they’ll do?

They’ll join my Texas-based cult of content marketers.

Kidding — they’ll apply. And they’ll do it because it’s right, not because they have to.

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