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SmashFly Technologies

Since launching in January 2007, SmashFly has been committed to providing the best recruitment marketing tools and information to help companies hire better candidates faster. Through our best in class recruitment software and this blog we’ve continued to push the limits of what a Recruitment Marketing Platform should be, and are constantly evaluating new technologies and marketing techniques we can use to enhance our platform and share with the recruiting community.

Overall, we aim to be thought leaders for recruitment marketing and will use this blog to provide recruiters with the most useful information to help them recruit more effectively (or just plain better).  The SmashFly blog will be the pulse of our dealings in the recruitment marketing space and will include:

  • Meaningful insights into recruitment marketing conversations
  • New Technologies that will help recruiters recruit more effectively
  • Important findings from our personal experiences with clients
  • New Product enhancements / announcements
  • New ideas / concepts that we have about recruitment marketing

We look forward to starting the conversation and hearing your thoughts and comments.

Meet the Bloggers

Here’s the SmashFly blogging team:

"Mike Hennessy - SmashFly Technologies"

Mike Hennessy

Mike is the CEO of SmashFly Technologies.  A software product specialist by trade, Mike is relentless in trying to provide transparency to recruiters so they can better measure and quickly adapt their recruitment marketing campaigns.


"Chris Brablc - Smashfly Technologies"Chris Brablc

Chris is the Marketing Manager of SmashFly Technologies.  With a fascination in how companies can build better brands online, Chris sees recruitment marketing as the next great marketing question companies will need to solve.  When people are a company’s greatest asset, why do companies spend so much more time & better resources on selling their product than hiring the right people?  If you would like to reach Chris, you can email him at chris@smashfly.com.

If this isn’t enough for you and you want to learn more about SmashFly (and our best in class software), take a look at our recruitment marketing platform and follow us on Twitter @smashfly.