Allison Schaaff

Allison Schaaff

I'm the Marketing Operations Manager, constantly testing ways to generate demand generation through email marketing, content marketing, webinars, content syndication, events and more. I'd like to say I have a knack for catchy copy, strong CTAs and bold subject lines that make our email campaigns and landing pages conversion machines.

Articles By: Allison Schaaff

Recruitment Marketing

5 Tips for Better Recruitment Marketing Performance

This blog post is a collaboration between SmashFly and Appcast.   Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: How can I optimize my recruitment marketing strategy? How do ...
Recruiting Technology

How to Kickstart CRM Automation (in 500 Words)

I remember one of my earliest frustrations as a marketer was spending time doing something I thought a computer could do better. I’m talking about one of those ...
Recruiting Initiatives

How to Improve Conversion Rates (in 500 Words)

Want more quality candidate leads? Most every organization does. And as a recruitment marketer, you probably know that the simplest way to generate more leads is to boost ...