Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks

Ben Eubanks is the principal analyst at Lighthouse Research and Advisory, a human capital research and advisory services firm. He works with talent leaders to develop forward-looking strategies for meeting their complex hiring challenges. He also collaborates with HR and talent technology companies on research, product development, and marketing to help them better serve the marketplace. Ben is a former practitioner, tempering a research-based approach with a practical perspective of today's business challenges. In addition, he hosts the popular "We're Only Human" podcast, one of the featured shows on the world's largest HR podcast network.

Articles By: Ben Eubanks

Recruitment Marketing

Critical Lessons from the 2019 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report

It’s 2019. Recruitment marketing isn’t a new concept. The best employers use recruitment marketing to differentiate themselves from the competition, connect with potential hires and create more compelling ...
Recruitment Marketing

How to Hire a Recruitment Marketing Pro

Recruiting as a profession has existed for as long as employers have been hiring people, and for much of that time, it has operated in much of the ...
Recruitment Marketing

Maturity, Rigor, Complexity: The Need for Certification in Talent Acquisition

Imagine graduating from school with a degree in marketing only to find out that a significant portion of what you know is already outdated or inapplicable due to ...
Candidate Experience

Personalization Drives a Powerful Candidate Experience

Ted is looking for a job. While he’s riding the train to work, he visits the careers page for Company A, clicks through some content, reads about some ...