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Christopher Brablc

I'm the Recruiting & Marketing Geek at SmashFly Technologies and help recruiting organizations improve their recruiting process and results.

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Candidate Experience

Myth-busting Personalization in the Candidate Experience Part 2

We’ve already discussed why personalization in the candidate experience has to be more than job recommendations: top talent today seeks a career change based on so much more ...
Candidate Experience

Myth-busting Personalization in the Candidate Experience: Part 1

Personalization is a prevalent buzzword in the talent acquisition space. Starting in the consumer experience with retailers like Amazon, Netflix and more, it’s now become a top priority ...

The Power of Campus Recruiting Events in the Candidate Journey

The role of campus recruiting events in the candidate journey is pivotal – they are a powerful opportunity to establish, or reinforce, your employer brand and initiate a ...
Recruiting Technology

Talking Recruitment Marketing Technology & Trends with Kyle Lagunas

It’s always fun and interesting to discuss new trends and technologies with analysts in the talent acquisition space ― and I thoroughly enjoyed presenting on this recent webinar ...
Recruiting Technology

74% of Candidates Drop Off Your Apply Process: Now What?

Talent acquisition has been traditionally focused on the bottom of the funnel: apply. Every call-to-action is apply now or apply here. A majority of spend is thrust into ...
Candidate Experience

A [Very Smart] Q&A on Recruitment Marketing Tips

SmashFly recently hosted Meghan M. Biro, Founder & CEO of TalentCulture, for a webinar on how recruitment marketing drives transparency in talent acquisition. Going along with the theme, ...
Candidate Experience

How Transparent is Your Recruitment Marketing? [WEBINAR]

Today’s hiring economy is highly complex and competitive ― and finding top talent is harder than ever. Unemployment is at a seven-year low, and it’s taking increasingly longer ...

The Rise of Recruitment Marketing: #HRTechConf 2015 Recap

For the past 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to attend the HR Technology Conference and be part of the tremendous innovation that is happening within our little ...
Candidate Experience

Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? #TheCandEs 2015

Before I talk about my main takeaways from this year’s Candidate Experience Awards Symposium (#TheCandEs), I just wanted to recognize and express my admiration for how much this ...

The ATS Alone is Not Enough – Part 2 of 2

This was originally posted on Talent Culture in two parts: Talent Acquisition Has a Marketing Problem and The ATS Alone is Not Enough. My previous post last week discussed ...