Christopher Brablc

Christopher Brablc

I'm the Recruiting & Marketing Geek at SmashFly Technologies and help recruiting organizations improve their recruiting process and results.

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Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 6.27 to 7.4

First off, I hope everyone had a tremendous 4th of July holiday and enjoyed their time in the sun on the three day weekend. Second, we wanted to ...
Candidate Experience

3 Integral Ways to Better Personalize the Candidate Experience

This post was inspired by SmashFly’s latest release, SmashFly15. Register for our webinar on 6/25 with featuring one of our early adopter customers here. For years, recruiting organizations ...
Candidate Experience

SmashFly & HireVue Answer Recruitment Questions from Latest Webinar

You can never ask too many questions―and in the case of last week’s webinar with HireVue, “How to Be the Amazon of Recruitment,” (get the recording here) we ...
Employee Referrals

When Did Referrals Stop Being Real Recommendations?

This post was inspired by the new Referrals solution available in SmashFly 15, which you can read about here.   Referrals are the holy grail of recruiting. If ...
Candidate Experience

The New Role of the Recruiter in Modern Talent Acquisition: Webinar Questions Answered

Last Friday, SmashFly hosted Forrester analyst Claire Schooley for a webinar on the new role of the recruiter in talent acquisition and how to use recruitment marketing to ...

5 Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 5.1.15 to 5.8.15

It’s that time again: Our weekly feature on the best articles in recruitment marketing and other talent acquisition trends. But first, our top content piece and tweet. Content ...
Career Site Optimization

Is Your Career Site Ready for Mobilegeddon?

In the next week, organizations across the world will experience one of the most impactful search updates in our lifetime (so far). But what does this Google algorithm ...
Candidate Experience

There Is No Single Source of Hire

Source of hire is an important measure for organizations to understand how their efforts to attract candidates ultimately impact the bottom line in terms of qualified hires. Accurately ...
Candidate Experience

Candidates are the New Consumers

The dynamic between candidates and employers is changing rapidly. With falling unemployment rates and increased job opportunities, rampant social media usage and content at our fingertips, candidates are ...
Candidate Experience

Think About These 3 Audiences for Better Candidate Experience

This post was inspired by the 2014 Candidate Experience Awards Symposium. “Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience.”  — ...