Mike Hennessy

Mike is the founder and CEO of SmashFly, and has been an industry innovator in recruitment marketing and technology for more than 15 years (you can find some of his really old blog posts!). Mike has worked with hundreds of companies from mid-size to Fortune 500 to help them leverage the latest cutting-edge strategies and technologies to build out successful recruiting programs and processes. Quick fact: He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology (whoa!).

Articles By: Mike Hennessy

Talent Acquisition

Talent Lessons from the Search for Amazon HQ2

Six months ago, Amazon announced its initiative to open up a second headquarters outside its Seattle hub—and cities across North America have been at a fever pitch ever ...
What's Happening

Google Jobs Beta: It’s Here, But What’s Next?

I used to say Indeed was Google for jobs. Now, Google is Google for jobs. This week, I’ve been poking around in the Google Jobs beta (we have ...
Talent Acquisition

Why Hire With Purpose? SmashFly’s Perspective

At SmashFly, people, purpose and potential fuel our business – in several ways. We’re a startup driven by bold people who think ahead. I started SmashFly in my home ...

Walking in Our Customers’ Shoes to Drive Growth

These last two years have been a whirlwind. What started out as modest, organic growth during the first eight years of SmashFly’s history went full “hockey stick” this ...

Our Vision for SmashFly Transform™

Wow. In three weeks, we’ll be hosting SmashFly Transform™, the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference in the industry. It’s an exciting (and busy!) time for our company: we started ...

What Being a Best Place to Work Two Years in a Row Says About Our Culture

SmashFly CEO Mike Hennessy talks about what it means to create a great employee culture that grows as your company grows, and how it feels to be voted a Best Place to Work two years in a row.
Employer Brand

3 Trends Defining Hiring Success In The Digital Economy

An organization’s ability to identify, attract, and plug in the most creative minds precisely when and where they are needed is the foundation for innovation. Therefore, designing and ...

Investing in Recruitment Marketing

At SmashFly, we are 100% focused on providing the best recruitment marketing platform for our customers to help them more effectively find, attract, engage, nurture and convert more ...

SmashFly Secures Series B Funding to Fuel Growth

Today marks an exciting milestone for SmashFly, our employees, our customers and our partners. I’m excited to share the news that SmashFly has raised $22 million in Series ...
Employee Engagement

What Being Named a “Best Place to Work” Means for Our Customers

At SmashFly, we help organizations market their employer brands to attract more qualified candidates. I know how important it is to their recruiting strategy when they are recognized ...