Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

I'm the Director of Marketing at SmashFly, where I own everything from content strategy and customer stories to partner marketing and social media. I spent 5 years in digital marketing and content marketing agencies before taking my talents to the talent acquisition world. For the past 3 years, I've thrived on helping talent acquisition leaders and recruiters learn and excel in marketing tactics to bolster their recruitment marketing strategies and create more unique experiences. Personally, I like to tear through 20 books a year, and am slowly checking countries off my travel bucket list.

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What's Happening

Recruiting With SmashFly’s Emerson: A Dynamic Experience for Talent and TA Teams

I’ve always found this age-old line in talent acquisition puzzling: “The war for talent is over. The talent won.” What war? I’m pretty sure neither organizations nor talent ...
Candidate Experience

Texting Talent: Y/N/M?

I am the person whose mobile Gmail app always has a number bubble on it. This weekend, it stood at 12,576. I finally decided it was time to ...
Talent Acquisition

The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing: Have We Come Far Enough?

When you spend 5 months working on something – pouring over it, analyzing it, re-reading it – it almost becomes a part of you. Thinking about it before ...
Employee Engagement

Are You Ignoring Your Company’s Hidden Job Market?

You know they’ll be a good cultural fit. They have more knowledge of your company than any other candidate. Their time-to-productivity is guaranteed to be lightning quick. They ...
Recruitment Marketing

4 Ways to Influence and Impact Candidates for Life

The average millennial now changes jobs four times within their first decade out of college – twice as much as the generation prior. The people we’re trying to ...
Recruiting Analytics

The New ROI: Return on Insight

As recruiters today are constantly challenged to do more with less, “post and pray” is no longer a viable strategy. But while Forrester reports that 74 percent of ...
Recruiting Technology

4 Ways Technology Can Amplify Your Employer Brand

This post originally appeared on Cornerstone OnDemand’s Rework blog.  A job is a job is a job. When I search for Director of Content jobs in Denver, I ...
Candidate Experience

Hourly Candidates: How to Meet Them Where They Are

Salaried employees. Hourly employees. Contract employees. Today’s workforce is made up of a dynamic mix of different types of workers—each possessing unique perceptions, attitudes and behaviors when it ...
Recruiting Technology

You’re Probably Not Using Your CRM Effectively

While 79 percent of organizations are using CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) technology today, nearly one-third are dissatisfied with it. (Unfortunately, it seems like its favor is going the ...
Recruiting Technology

So People Are Your Company’s Greatest Asset? Prove It

“Our people are our organization’s most valuable asset.” How many times have you heard an executive utter that line? Perhaps (gasp!) you’ve even said it yourself. The vast ...