Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

I'm the Director of Marketing at SmashFly, where I own everything from content strategy and customer stories to partner marketing and social media. I spent 5 years in digital marketing and content marketing agencies before taking my talents to the talent acquisition world. For the past 3 years, I've thrived on helping talent acquisition leaders and recruiters learn and excel in marketing tactics to bolster their recruitment marketing strategies and create more unique experiences. Personally, I like to tear through 20 books a year, and am slowly checking countries off my travel bucket list.

Articles By: Elyse Mayer

Candidate Experience

Hourly Candidates: How to Meet Them Where They Are

Salaried employees. Hourly employees. Contract employees. Today’s workforce is made up of a dynamic mix of different types of workers—each possessing unique perceptions, attitudes and behaviors when it ...
Recruiting Technology

You’re Probably Not Using Your CRM Effectively

While 79 percent of organizations are using CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) technology today, nearly one-third are dissatisfied with it. (Unfortunately, it seems like its favor is going the ...
Recruiting Technology

So People Are Your Company’s Greatest Asset? Prove It

“Our people are our organization’s most valuable asset.” How many times have you heard an executive utter that line? Perhaps (gasp!) you’ve even said it yourself. The vast ...
Recruiting Analytics

What Recruiters Can Learn From Marrying Lead and Applicant Data

Originally published on Cornerstone’s Rework Blog.  As a writer, social media-centered millennial and marketer working in the talent acquisition industry, I’ve learned to take comments left on social ...
Candidate Experience

The Candidate Journey Is Not Linear

I have a confession to make: I’m over “the funnel.” (Shhh, don’t tell the Marketing Gods.) I’ll level set with you: this ubiquitous funnel has some value. It’s ...
Recruiting Technology

The Answers You’re Looking for on Artificial Intelligence

You won’t hear that robots are going to take your job here (or in our latest webinar, Man + Machine, with Allegis Global Solutions and HiringSolved). Refreshing … ...
Recruiting Technology

Is Unconscious Bias Driving Conscious Bias?

This article was originally published in ERE SourceCon.  I was watching a rerun the other day (OK, it was The Office!), and Dwight was quizzing Ryan on those ...
Employer Brand

3 Ways to Engage Top Talent in Today’s Gig Economy

Independent contractors, freelancers, 1099ers, temps or consultants—whatever you call them, they are revolutionizing the way we think about work and radically changing the face of business today. They ...
Employer Brand

Why the Most Successful Organizations Hire With Purpose

It would be presumptuous for business leaders to assume their employees’ purpose is to work for them every day. For most people, their job is more than likely ...
What's Happening

Transform Speaker Spotlight: 17 Facts About Alorica’s Adam Glassman

This is a series of Transform speaker spotlights ahead of Transform Virtual June 22.  Job Cred: Started in marketing/communications (graphic design, editing, internal comms) and still uses those ...