Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

I'm the Content Manager at SmashFly Technologies, giving the Talent Acquisition industry scoop on recruitment marketing one blog post, infographic, and report at a time.

Articles By: Elyse Mayer

Candidate Experience

You’ve Been the Candidate: So Think Like One [in Mobile]

There is a driving similarity between us marketers, HR managers and recruiters: Every single one of us has been a job candidate. We’ve been the active candidate, constantly ...
Employee Referrals

Do You Have an Employee Referral Program?

There is much said on the importance of employee referrals in talent acquisition. SmashFly is on a mission to learn how employee referrals stack up against your other sources ...
Employer Brand

5 Eye-Openers from “Recruiter’s Guide to Inbound Marketing”

There’s not even a Wikipedia entry for “recruitment marketing” yet (we’re in the works), so you know it’s a forward-thinking concept. Recently, we worked closely with Matt Charney ...
Employer Brand

The Do’s and Don’ts of Recruitment Marketing

There are five main components of a successful recruitment marketing strategy―but not all strategies are created equal. So why not listen to major organizations that are succeeding? We’ve ...
Employee Engagement

Takeaways from #TalentNet on Data, Employee Experience & Recruitment Marketing

This past weekend was a conference whirlwind in Austin, TX, with both TalentNet Interactive and SXSW offering forward-thinking ideas on everything from recruitment to technology. SmashFly both sponsored ...