Elyse Mayer

Elyse Mayer

I'm the Director of Marketing at SmashFly, where I own everything from content strategy and customer stories to partner marketing and social media. I spent 5 years in digital marketing and content marketing agencies before taking my talents to the talent acquisition world. For the past 3 years, I've thrived on helping talent acquisition leaders and recruiters learn and excel in marketing tactics to bolster their recruitment marketing strategies and create more unique experiences. Personally, I like to tear through 20 books a year, and am slowly checking countries off my travel bucket list.

Articles By: Elyse Mayer

What's Happening

Transform Speaker Spotlight: 14 Facts About Staples’ Lisa Pueschel

This is a series of Transform speaker spotlights ahead of Transform Virtual June 22.    Job Cred:   Staples employee for … 18 years! Spent majority of Staples ...
What's Happening

Transform Speaker Spotlight: 14 Facts About American Airlines’ Carrie Corbin

This is a series of Transform speaker spotlights ahead of Transform Virtual June 22.    Job Cred: 12 years in talent acquisition (a reformed HR lady) Head of ...
Recruiting Initiatives

The Healthcare Recruiting Fix You Can’t Overlook

Let’s face an uncomfortable reality about HCM and talent acquisition: When it comes to innovation, the industry is a laggard. I don’t think I’m going out on a ...
Talent Acquisition

Hiring With Purpose: 11 One-Liners From Talent Leaders

What does hiring with purpose mean? Can purpose actually affect business success and your bottom line? Why does hiring the right people seem so much more challenging today? ...
Talent Acquisition

The Tweet-takeaways From Talent of Tomorrow Virtual Event

How does purpose drive business success and employee happiness? Why should we lead with employer brand over jobs? Which technologies make up the optimal technology stack? Who is ...
Talent Pipelines

The Result of Re-Marketing to Your Own Leads

Think about all the contacts you’ve gathered, connections you’ve made, applications you’ve received and silver medalists passed on in the last year of recruiting. What about the last 5 ...
Talent Acquisition

Forget the War for Talent; Now It’s the Fight for Fit

Yes, we all know about the War for Talent. And nearly everyone in talent acquisition (aptly led by Josh Bersin) has conceded that they lost, and the talent won. ...
Recruiting Initiatives

Why Aren’t We Nurturing Hourly Leads?

I worked as a server at the Olive Garden in college. Good times, although I will never subject a waiter to an order of endless soup, salad and ...

#WeControltheRobots: Top Tweets from SourceCon 2017

You can’t not start following a hashtag when it’s #WeControltheRobots. Then when you realize it’s also the theme of #SourceCon, you jump on both. SourceCon ALWAYS live up ...
Recruiting Technology

A Decade of Change in Recruiting: What’s Next?

Looking back 10 years is … nostalgic and astounding: 2014: Mobile devices accounted for 25% of all web usage. 2012: Facebook reached 1 billion users. 2011: LinkedIn launches ...