Joshua Zywien

Joshua Zywien

After starting his career in journalism, Josh transitioned to marketing in 2009 — first with his own creative agency and then with operational roles at a venture capital firm and a tech startup. As the VP of Marketing at SmashFly, Josh develops go-to-market strategies, monitors the pulse of the HR tech landscape, and supports internal teams with product insight and messaging.

Articles By: Joshua Zywien

Career Site Optimization

Google Cloud Talent Solution’s Fix for Remote Job Seekers (and Why I Wish It Existed 10 Years Ago…)

A decade ago, my workday usually started like this: 6 am: Wake up, throw on my shoes, and sprint out the door for a quick run 6:30 am: ...
What's Happening

A Conference That Puts Ideas Into Action: Transform Live is Back!

One of the benefits (or downsides, depending on how you look at it) of my job is that I get to experience a lot of talent acquisition conferences ...
Recruitment CRM

A Marketer’s Take on SmashFly’s New Email Editor

Working in Marketing for a vendor in the talent acquisition technology space is an interesting view into two drastically different worlds. On one hand, working on a small, ...
Recruiting Technology

SmashFly Goes Full CMS: A New Era in Owning Your Employer Brand

I created my first “website” in 2007. Although, really, it wasn’t a website. It was a crappy blog about baseball. I was a sports journalist at the time ...
What's Happening

SmashFly Goes Global: What Belfast Means for Our Future

Two weeks ago, I spent a few days doing all the things you’d expect a tourist visiting Ireland to do. I drank more Guinness and Bushmills than I’d ...
Talent Acquisition

A Tip for Recruitment Marketers — From a Marketer

Psst. Over here. Yea, here. I’ve got a secret to share with all the employer brand leaders, recruiters, recruitment marketers, and talent acquisition pros who share an aspiration ...
Recruiting Initiatives

How to Drive Interest Before Your Recruiting Events (in 500 Words)

I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since I attended a recruiting event as a candidate. But I still vividly remember what I hated about those events. Here’s ...

Hype vs. Reality: The Curse of Shiny Objects in HR Tech

That headline is a little misleading. I love shiny new things. And I’m a notorious (and often obnoxious) early adopter — typically, at the expense of my family, ...
Talent Pipelines

The Real Risks of the Healthcare Talent Crunch

Two months ago, I found myself in an emergency room in Michigan with a 104-degree fever. I’d taken Advil to bring it down, but it wasn’t working. And, ...
Employee Referrals

The Referral Rundown: Your Most Pressing Questions

If you’re not thinking about referral programs strategically, I’m here to change your mind (and offer tips!). Recently, I spoke on a webinar with Glassdoor for Employers’ Mallory ...