Shannon Pierce

Shannon Pierce

Shannon is SmashFly's Events Manager, lover of all things travel, wine and, of course, events! Shannon is spearheading SmashFly Transform, the talent acquisition industry's first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference, and leads all event marketing and event promotion to build the Recruitment Marketing Platform product category and bolster SmashFly's brand and thought leadership.

Articles By: Shannon Pierce

Talent Acquisition

How to Create Amazing Recruiting Events (in 500 Words)

In today’s world of video interviews, recruiting chatbots and Snapchat job applications, you may find yourself thinking, “Do candidates even go to recruiting events anymore?” I’m here to ...
Recruiting Initiatives

Millennials Didn’t Kill Your Recruiting Events … You Did

It’s become trendy these days to blame millennials for killing everything from fabric softener to the auto industry (everything except maybe our beloved avocado toast, that is, and ...

13 Sweet Spots to Hit in Boston During SmashFly Transform™

OK, guys, SmashFly Transform™ is basically here, and as the Events Manager at SmashFly, I can’t say I’m not a little bit crazed! But I CAN say that ...

9 Rad Reasons to Attend SmashFly Transform

When you think of talent acquisition events in the Fall, you probably think HR Tech. But there’s a new kid on the events block that you’ll have to ...