Tracey Parsons

Tracey Parsons

Tracey is the Director of SmashFly's Recruitment Marketing Practice, designed to help customers change their recruiting focus to how they interact with talent and measure outcomes at every step of the candidate journey. Tracey has extensive experience in client strategy, digital development, thought leadership development, brand development and consulting at companies like TMP Worldwide and her own consultancy, Parsons Strategic Consulting.

Articles By: Tracey Parsons

Talent Pipelines

Questioning the Old Paradigm: Should You Advertise Last?

Marketing is a practice that is both art and science. As we get more advanced in the discipline of Recruitment Marketing, it’s time to ask: Why do we ...
Candidate Experience

OK, It’s Time to Court Your Candidates

Richard Burton once wrote to Elizabeth Taylor: “My blind eyes are desperately waiting for the sight of you.” We’re all Richard Burton when tasked with filling a position ...
Candidate Experience

Attracting Passive Candidates? No Such Thing

“Passive candidates” are such a maddening group. (And if you saw me speak at #SRSC, you saw my frustration live in person.) It’s no wonder we call them ...
Employee Referrals

Employee Referral Programs: A Talent Acquisition No-Brainer

Put yourself in a candidate’s shoes: Imagine if you had a close friend working for a company you were considering, providing you with an insider’s perspective. You’d know ...
Employer Brand

The Future of Recruitment Marketing Looks Like This

It looks like a room full of practitioners, analysts and vendors sharing their best-kept secrets to success, their biggest failures and their vision of the future, no holds ...

Five Things Candidates Do That Hiring Managers Love

The prospect of bringing someone onto the team is one that is exciting and full of possibility. I love talking with talent: I enjoy learning about them and ...

8 Ways to Really Understand Company Culture Before You Join

You’ve just read a job description, and you’re so excited. It is exactly what you want in your next career step. And then you get that magical call ...
Candidate Experience

3 Truths About the Candidate Journey

We all know that an amazing candidate experience can make all the difference when you’re competing for talent, but designing a compelling experience (let alone executing it) isn’t ...
Candidate Experience

Poised for Hyper-Growth? Consider Recruitment Marketing

When you’re a fast-growing company, everything seems to take longer than you want it to: getting new features out to customers, growing those customers, and especially finding the ...

6 Major Trends in Recruitment Marketing in 2016

The start of a new year is always an opportunity to evaluate the state of affairs in our industry. It’s a great time to take a look at ...