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13 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices You Need to Use in 2016

13 Recruitment Marketing Practices You Need to Use in 2016 from SmashFly Technologies Our Director of Marketing Chris Brablc and Recruitment Marketing Practice Leader Tracey Parsons hosted a stellar webinar on the 13 recruitment marketing best practices you need to use in 2016. For a quick overview, take a look at some of what these… Continue Reading →

When You Name the Wrong Miss Universe … (I Mean Candidate)

Photo Source: Buzzfeed It was the mistake heard round the world―literally. On Sunday night, host Steve Harvey announced the winner of the 2016 Miss Universe competition: Miss Colombia! Applause! Crowning! Closed-hand waving! Flowers! Only the winner wasn’t Miss Colombia … it was Miss Philippines [insert shocked face emoji]. What ensued was 10 minutes of extreme… Continue Reading →

A [Very Smart] Q&A on Recruitment Marketing Tips

SmashFly recently hosted Meghan M. Biro, Founder & CEO of TalentCulture, for a webinar on how recruitment marketing drives transparency in talent acquisition. Going along with the theme, I answered some great (and tough!) questions that we didn’t get to during the webinar as transparently as possible. Check out the full webinar with Meghan here.… Continue Reading →

Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 11.30 to 12.4

We went on a little hiatus over Thanksgiving break (and figured you were all too busy eating football and napping to be checking email from us), but we are back in action with our weekly roundup of our favorite recruitment marketing articles.   Content of the Week Our CMO Lori Sylvia and Growth Strategist Rebecca… Continue Reading →

The Candidate Messaging Template

You’ve defined the types of candidates you want to attract (using our handy Candidate Persona Template), and now it’s time to map out your messaging strategy at each stage of the candidate journey—in recruitment marketing, we call it nurturing. Once you’ve attracted the right leads, what are you going to communicate to them? Nurture is… Continue Reading →

Think Big, Act Bigger: The 2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook

What’s better than a book full of interesting ideas? A book full of interesting ideas you can actually use today (or tomorrow, if you need a little more time!). In this changing landscape of talent acquisition — where candidates are the new consumers and the competition for great talent is getting fiercer every day —… Continue Reading →

Why Should a Candidate Spend Their Energy on You? #TheCandEs 2015

Before I talk about my main takeaways from this year’s Candidate Experience Awards Symposium (#TheCandEs), I just wanted to recognize and express my admiration for how much this awards program has grown over the past four years. I remember it when it was a small session at HR Tech and that it’s grown into a… Continue Reading →

The Candidate Journey: CH2M & Lockheed Martin Share Their Tips

We called it the webinar of the month, and it definitely delivered. We collaborated with Glassdoor for the recent “The Candidate Journey: What Affects Their Decision to Apply” webinar, hosted by William Tincup and featuring expert recruitment marketers Derina Adamczak of CH2M and Marvin Smith of Lockheed Martin. Amazing, right? (You can playback the full… Continue Reading →

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Best of Recruitment Marketing Articles 9.28 to 10.2

It’s Friday! You’re allowed to be excited. We are, especially because we get to share some great perspectives this week on recruitment marketing and the candidate experience [it’s #CandE Awards week after all!].   Content of the Week A very interesting webinar topic from a dynamic recruitment marketing tag team: “Your ATS Alone Isn’t Enough.”… Continue Reading →

SmashFly 2015 Recruitment Marketing Report Card: How Does Your Organization Compare?

Recruiters understand that the talent acquisition universe has changed. Candidates have more choices than ever before.  The labor market has improved, unemployment is at a seven-year low and it’s taking 8% longer and costing 7% more to hire, according to Bersin. The result is a shift in control to candidates: they are the new consumers,… Continue Reading →

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