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Transparency is key to setting candidate expectations!

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] I’m a huge movie buff and I have to say that I love movies that keep me guessing.  Movies with plot twists and surprise ...

If you had it to do all over again, what would your recruiting look like?

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] At some point, everyone has asked themselves the question: if I had it to do all over again, would I change anything?  They look ...

Recruiting is a Triathlon, not a Sprint

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] I competed in my first triathlon this past weekend and overall I was really happy with the results.  I walked off the course, knowing ...

A Great Employer Brand is fueled by great customer service

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] At SmashFly, we are committed to providing great customer service to our clients.   We love our clients and above all else, we aim to ...

Lessons in candidate engagement from the Old Spice Man!

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] If you didn’t see it, Old Spice ran a great marketing campaign last week.  Through social media platforms, they asked fans to send in ...

3 quick ways to begin engaging with candidates today!

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] With the rise of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, it is readily apparent of the importance of building connections into your Talent Networks. With ...

Recruitment Marketing Success Comes when you think like a Marketer!

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] It is becoming abundantly clear that the recruiting landscape is increasingly changing.  Companies are becoming more competitive and creative in the ways that they ...

Building Your Talent Network: Sodexo Does it Right!

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] One of my favorite articles last week was Omowale Casselle’s “I’m Not Ready to Apply For A Job Yet“.  This article is a great ...

A Hiring Manager Perspective: Do’s and Don’ts of Applying to an Internship

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] A few months back I wrote an article “Confessions of a Job Seeker: What I Learned!” on my experiences as a job seeker and ...