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Career Site Optimization (200)

Career Site Optimization

Preparing Your Career Site for Google’s Next Big Update

In 2003 at SES Boston, Google introduced “Boston,” the first named Google update. Since then webmasters and site owners have been responsible for reacting to the various algorithm ...
Career Site Optimization

SEO 101 for Talent Acquisition

SEO 101 for Talent Acquisition from SmashFly Technologies In a world where 76% of candidates spend time searching and researching information about employers before they ever apply, a ...
Career Site Optimization

Tips for Creating Exceptional Career Sites

The Art and Science of Creating Exceptional Career Sites from SmashFly Technologies We called this webinar trio the “Recruitment Marketing Dream Team,” and that they were. CEO of ...
Career Site Optimization

Career Site Tips From Will Staney, Kathryn Minshew and Tracey Parsons

We deemed our most recent webinar speakers “The Recruitment Marketing Dream Team,” and they proved it. Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse, Will Staney, Founder of Proactive Talent ...

Meet a Contributor

Mike Hennessy

Mike is the founder and CEO of SmashFly, and has been an industry innovator in recruitment marketing and technology for more than 15 years (you can find some of his really old blog posts!). Mike has worked with hundreds of companies from mid-size to Fortune 500 to help them leverage the latest cutting-edge strategies and technologies to build out successful recruiting programs and processes. Quick fact: He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology (whoa!).

Career Site Optimization

WEBINAR: The Art & Science of Creating Exceptional Career Sites

Your career site needs both an artist and a scientist. With recruitment marketing, you can be both. What makes the ideal career site? The right balance of dynamic ...
Career Site Optimization

Take 30 Webinar Series: 9 Recruitment Marketing Tactics to Start This Year

How do you shift from disparate parts of recruitment marketing to a complete strategy? For many recruiting organizations, the components of a successful recruitment marketing strategy are being ...
Candidate Experience

[WEBINAR] 13 Recruitment Marketing Best Practices You Need to Use in 2016

How do the most successful companies in the nation use recruitment marketing practices in their talent acquisition strategy? We went on a mission to find out. SmashFly launched ...
Career Site Optimization

2016 Recruitment Marketing Idea Series: Zach Lahey on Video

In an age wherein perspectives from others affect a majority of our decisions – from what we buy to where we shop to who we trust – it’s ...
Christopher Brablc

Meet a Contributor

Christopher Brablc

I'm the Recruiting & Marketing Geek at SmashFly Technologies and help recruiting organizations improve their recruiting process and results.

Career Site Optimization

3 SEO Tips from the Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Our eBook adventure with Matt Charney of Recruiting Daily has come to a close (at least for this year!) with this final installment of the Recruiter’s Guide series. ...
Career Site Optimization

Case Study: C2HM Attracts Best Talent on Planet Using Modern Recruitment Marketing

We’re excited to share a case study featuring our customer CH2M, an industry-leading program management, construction management and design firm with US$6.1 billion in revenue and 25,000 employees globally. SmashFly’s ...
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of candidate leads drop off the application process¹
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SmashFly CEO Mike Hennessy shares our vision for recruitment marketing and the use of software for building pipelines of quality talent.