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How to Make a Better Recruiting Video

As video becomes an even bigger part of inbound marketing strategies to attract consumers, it’s finding an important role in recruitment marketing strategies to engage top talent. Findings from the 2015 Candidate Experience survey show that candidates purposefully look on career sites for employee testimonials (34.9%) and answers to why people work there (30.8%). Our… Continue Reading →

Attract Top Talent with Target Personas and Real Content

Recruiters have to do more than ever to successfully attract and engage top talent. The good news is there are best practices that recruiters can borrow from their marketing colleagues to make a significant impact on building their candidate pipelines. Our new quick guide How to Attract Top Talent With Personas and Content shares strategies… Continue Reading →

Tips for Creating Exceptional Career Sites

The Art and Science of Creating Exceptional Career Sites from SmashFly Technologies We called this webinar trio the “Recruitment Marketing Dream Team,” and that they were. CEO of The Muse Kathryn Minshew, Founder of Proactive Talent Strategies Will Staney and Director of Recruitment Marketing Practice of SmashFly Tracey Parsons shared their tips for creating exceptional… Continue Reading →

Which HR Technology Will Solve Your Recruiting Challenges?

So you’re researching recruitment marketing technology that will improve how you attract and engage talent. We know it’s a big responsibility! We’re here to help. There’s a vast sea of recruiting tools available for the front end of your talent acquisition process ― tools to manage sourcing, employee referrals, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, career sites,… Continue Reading →

How to Build a Talent Pipeline (in 500 Words)

Fact: Having a talent network builds your talent pipeline. Surprisingly enough, only 27% of the 2015 Fortune 500 use a talent network form to capture leads who aren’t ready to apply. And only 9% use a talent network form in the apply flow, where companies lose on average 74% of interested leads who started the application!… Continue Reading →

Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 4.11.16

Happy Friday all! Every week, SmashFly rounds up our favorite recruitment marketing resources, articles and perspectives. Let’s jump in.   Content of the Week   You probably don’t know you need one, but you do know all the talent acquisition challenges you have. Use the checklist in this guide to take an honest look at… Continue Reading →

3 Trends Defining Hiring Success In The Digital Economy

An organization’s ability to identify, attract, and plug in the most creative minds precisely when and where they are needed is the foundation for innovation. Therefore, designing and executing a strategy that does this well has become the competitive edge in a digital economy where the speed of innovation trumps all. According to a recent… Continue Reading →

How to Curate Content for Recruitment Marketing (in 500 Words)

Every minute, Facebook users share 2.5M pieces of content, and Google receives more than 4M search queries. So how are you going to create content that competes with all of this stuff? How are candidates going to find you? Good news: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! You’re allowed to (and should!) curate and… Continue Reading →

Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 4.4.2016 to 4.8.2016

Jumping right back into it after a few weeks off! There have been a ton of great recruitment marketing articles and resources I’ve been reading, so I’ll throw in a couple of extra this week to make up for the hiatus.   Content of the Week It can be simpler than you think if you… Continue Reading →

8 Nurture Tactics That Will Impact Candidates

This series is a partnership with Glassdoor for Employers covering the key elements and examples of nurture in a recruitment marketing strategy, inspired by our eBook: Nurturing Candidates from Attraction to Hire: A Guide to the Ultimate Candidate Experience. Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.  So ―have you changed the way you… Continue Reading →

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