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What Lurks in Google’s Soul?

An interesting read over on the Washington Post Site about Google: What Lurks in Its Soul? I LOVE Google…I only use Google for my searching, don’t even think ...

RE: Sun Grid Utility Aimed at MS Word Docs

Ah…Sun keeps trying…you have to give ’em that. They’ll keep pushing this Grid thing till someone bites. Sun Microsystems is starting a new grid utility service that unlocks ...

Analysts just don’t think Micrsoft can make the turn

Came across this article talking about how Microsoft is still stuck in the C drive traditional software space: Microsoft is stuck on the C: drive What’s interesting here ...

Dueling Memos

I don’t know, it’s an interesting memo from Benioff’s, but he does come across as a little too high on himself if you ask me. Yes, SalesForce.com has ...

Great Speech on Simplicity.

I just read this speach from Adam bosworth about Simplicity in computing…and I couldn’t agree more…a really, really good read!! I would have to disagree a little on ...

RE: Grokster Calls It Quits on Sharing Music Files

And interesting Supreme court decision…but I’ve already seen the future of where this is going and it’s Private P2P networks. Take me for an example…i’ve downloaded the tool ...

RE: Launch, Launch, Launch

This posting by Scott Woodgate from MS Biztalk team is GREAT news! The biggest take away for me…their Standard edition has removed the limitation on the number of ...