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Communication is Key to Recruiting Top Talent

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] After working on a website re-design and some client marketing materials with freelancers over the last few weeks,  I’ve begun to realize how important ...

What the TalentDrive Recruitment Marketing Partnership means for SmashFly?

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] Today, we officially announced our recruitment marketing technology partnership (click to read press release) with TalentDrive and their TalentFilter product.  This partnership will yield ...

Job Ad Posting Distribution: Picking the Right Vendor

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] If you missed on our 3 part blog series, check them out: Part 1: Job Ad Posting Distribution: Rise of Niche Job Boards Part ...

Job Ad Posting Distribution (Part 1 of 3): The Rise of Niche Job Boards

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] As you are posting your job ads across the web, what are the job boards and websites that you distributing your jobs to?  It’s ...

Building Your Talent Network: Who should be part of it?

[tweetmeme source= ‘@smashfly’ only_single=false] With the increased popularity of social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, people are starting to realize the power of networks in their ...

LinkedIn API status update

I blogged yesterday about the LinkedIn API and it’s lack of support for .NET developers and lack of debugging info. The post was made partly due to our frustration ...