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Candidate Experience

Personalization Drives a Powerful Candidate Experience

Ted is looking for a job. While he’s riding the train to work, he visits the careers page for Company A, clicks through some content, reads about some ...
Recruiting Technology

Evaluate Your Recruiting Software with More Than Just a Checklist

I love a good checklist. It’s a simple way to get organized, view your tasks and track your progress along the way. And don’t get me started on ...
Candidate Experience

The Recipe for a More Appetizing Candidate Experience

Quick! Name your favorite holiday food. Is it Dad’s expertly carved turkey or Mom’s mouth-watering green bean casserole? Maybe it’s gingerbread waffles from your favorite breakfast spot or ...

The Power of Campus Recruiting Events in the Candidate Journey

The role of campus recruiting events in the candidate journey is pivotal – they are a powerful opportunity to establish, or reinforce, your employer brand and initiate a ...
Candidate Experience

Listen to Your Candidate Throughout Their Journey

The voice of the candidate is shaping your company’s candidate experience in new ways throughout the pre-apply and post-apply stages. As candidates seek a deeper connection and more knowledge about your organization and its culture earlier in their career search, you need to be ready to not only inform them but entice them with the potential of working at your organization long before it’s time to click an “Apply” button.
Candidate Experience

3 Truths About the Candidate Journey

We all know that an amazing candidate experience can make all the difference when you’re competing for talent, but designing a compelling experience (let alone executing it) isn’t ...
Candidate Experience

The Candidate Messaging Template

You’ve defined the types of candidates you want to attract (using our handy Candidate Persona Template), and now it’s time to map out your messaging strategy at each ...
Candidate Experience

The Candidate Journey: CH2M & Lockheed Martin Share Their Tips

We called it the webinar of the month, and it definitely delivered. We collaborated with Glassdoor for the recent “The Candidate Journey: What Affects Their Decision to Apply” ...
Candidate Experience

Webinar on the Candidate Journey: Glassdoor + William Tincup + SmashFly

If you open up a job req and run it up the nearest job board, will great candidates come running, punt or look elsewhere? Depends—on a lot. Forrester ...