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Employee Engagement

Using Stories in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy – Part 2: How?

In Part 1 of this series, we heard a story that really reinforced a company’s pursuit of its mission, and we learned why companies should use stories like ...
Employee Engagement

Using Stories in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy – Part 1: Why?

We’d like to start with a quick story we heard very recently: Early on in Kasasa’s existence, CEO Gabe Krajicek visited the president of a community bank in ...
Employee Engagement

Encourage Employees’ Personal Brands To Strengthen Your Employer Brand

According to recent research, fewer than half of recruiters understand and can articulate the employment brand of their respective organizations (CEB’s Employment Brand Effectiveness Survey, 2014). Additionally, this ...
Employer Brand

When Recruiters Become Stewards of Their Employer

This post is inspired by Brian’s original idea contribution in the 2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook, featuring 37 recruitment marketing ideas talent acquisition teams should implement in 2016.  Marketers ...
Employee Engagement

Why You Need Employee Generated Content: The Power of “Bold Transparency”

Employee Generated Content (EGC) can be the most trusted and valuable asset you have to build employer brand equity—if collected and used the right way. It’s also integral ...
Recruiting Technology

The Recruiting Gold Mine You’ve Been Searching For!

Originally contributed to the 2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook – but here I get to write a little more.  I’ve been in recruiting, corporate and agency, for twenty years. In ...
Employer Brand

Why Candidate Personas are Essential to Social Recruiting

Andy Headworth is one of 37 contributors to SmashFly’s 2016 Recruitment Marketing Ideabook. In this guest blog post, he expands on his recruitment marketing best practice for 2016: ...
Career Site Optimization

2016 Recruitment Marketing Idea Series: Zach Lahey on Video

In an age wherein perspectives from others affect a majority of our decisions – from what we buy to where we shop to who we trust – it’s ...