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Candidate Experience

Listen to Your Candidate Throughout Their Journey

The voice of the candidate is shaping your company’s candidate experience in new ways throughout the pre-apply and post-apply stages. As candidates seek a deeper connection and more knowledge about your organization and its culture earlier in their career search, you need to be ready to not only inform them but entice them with the potential of working at your organization long before it’s time to click an “Apply” button.

Investing in Recruitment Marketing

At SmashFly, we are 100% focused on providing the best recruitment marketing platform for our customers to help them more effectively find, attract, engage, nurture and convert more ...
Candidate Experience

Slideshare: Become a Magnet for Talent With Inbound Marketing

Become a Magnet for Talent with Inbound Recruitment Marketing from SmashFly Technologies Recruiters, time to focus on inbound marketing. Talent acquisition is more like marketing than you think. ...

Best Recruitment Marketing Articles of the Week 11.30 to 12.4

We went on a little hiatus over Thanksgiving break (and figured you were all too busy eating football and napping to be checking email from us), but we ...
Candidate Experience

WEBINAR: Become a Magnet for Top Talent with Inbound Marketing

Recruiting and marketing have more in common than you think – filling pipelines with qualified talent, or leads, is critical to success in both disciplines. Marketers have been ...

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Best Articles of the Week: #HRTechConf Edition

I sadly wasn’t there, but I followed it ALL from Twitter (which is almost nearly as good I feel). This year’s #HRTechConf dominated social media and dominated the ...

#HCIEvents Recap: 2 Days of Innovation in San Francisco

This past week the SmashFly team headed down to the San Francisco Bay area for the HCI Talent Acquisition Innovation Forum. The event was a tremendous mixture of ...