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Recruiting Initiatives

Millennials Didn’t Kill Your Recruiting Events … You Did

It’s become trendy these days to blame millennials for killing everything from fabric softener to the auto industry (everything except maybe our beloved avocado toast, that is, and ...
Candidate Experience

On Transform Recruitment Marketing Podcast: Personalization

This week I talked to SmashFly Product Expert Debbie Tuel to discuss personalization and its impact on delivering better experiences for candidates. We discuss Debbie’s journey to the talent ...
What's Happening

Best Recruiting Articles of the Week 2.27

Happy Friday! Lots of great articles this week – from employer brand to initiative hiring strategies to the differences between sourcing and recruiting – I’ve set you up ...
Talent Acquisition

Generation Why: The Attitudinal Shift Uniting Today’s Workforce

In Talent Acquisition, when we say it’s getting harder than ever to hire, it’s not just an understatement – it’s far too simplistic. Recruiters talk about low unemployment, ...
Candidate Experience

A Lesson in the Details of Recruitment

I’m a data geek by nature. I can spend hours adjusting a spreadsheet, making sure it provides the most accurate information to the broadest audience; pivot tables, goal ...
Candidate Experience

4 Essential Data Points to Creating a Personalized Candidate Experience

Personalization is more than opening an email with the candidate’s name; it’s more than featuring some custom job alerts on your career site. It’s about gathering intel about ...