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Talent Pipelines

No Talent Network Strategy = Less Leads, Applicants and Hires

Ever get a case of candidate lead FOMO? If you don’t have a talent network and a nurture strategy in place, it’s not just a fear of missing ...
Mobile Recruiting

Mobile Recruiting is More Than Apply

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess if you’re reading this, the following is true: You want to generate the right applicants, not just more. ...
Candidate Experience

The Recipe for a More Appetizing Candidate Experience

Quick! Name your favorite holiday food. Is it Dad’s expertly carved turkey or Mom’s mouth-watering green bean casserole? Maybe it’s gingerbread waffles from your favorite breakfast spot or ...

Five Ways Talent Networks Help You and Your Career

You probably read the words “talent network” and think, “Why would I want to get email blasts from a company I don’t know, advertising jobs I don’t need?” ...
Candidate Experience

Listen to Your Candidate Throughout Their Journey

The voice of the candidate is shaping your company’s candidate experience in new ways throughout the pre-apply and post-apply stages. As candidates seek a deeper connection and more knowledge about your organization and its culture earlier in their career search, you need to be ready to not only inform them but entice them with the potential of working at your organization long before it’s time to click an “Apply” button.
Talent Pipelines

How to Build a Talent Pipeline (in 500 Words)

Fact: Having a talent network builds your talent pipeline. Surprisingly enough, only 27% of the 2015 Fortune 500 use a talent network form to capture leads who aren’t ready ...
Recruiting Technology

74% of Candidates Drop Off Your Apply Process: Now What?

Talent acquisition has been traditionally focused on the bottom of the funnel: apply. Every call-to-action is apply now or apply here. A majority of spend is thrust into ...
Candidate Experience

Why Every Recruiting Organization Needs a Talent Network

This series is a partnership with Glassdoor for Employers covering the key elements and examples of nurture in a recruitment marketing strategy, inspired by our eBook: Nurturing Candidates ...
Talent Pipelines

The Keys to Nurturing Candidates Like a Marketer

Marketing experts from Glassdoor and SmashFly discuss the candidate journey and nurture’s role in recruitment marketing in this 60-minute webinar (it was a good one!) Learn how to ...
Talent Pipelines

Nurture’s Role in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

This is a three-part series focused on the pivotal role of nurture in the candidate experience and recruitment marketing, inspired by the SmashFly + Glassdoor eBook: Nurturing Candidates ...