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Google Jobs Beta: It’s Here, But What’s Next?

I used to say Indeed was Google for jobs. Now, Google is Google for jobs. This week, I’ve been poking around in the Google Jobs beta (we have ...
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Google Hire is Here: Who Will It Help … and Hurt?

I grew up in a small town carved out of cornfields in Nebraska. It wasn’t one of those “one stoplight and a gas station” kind of places, but ...
Recruiting Technology

On Transform Recruitment Marketing Podcast: HR Technology Trends

In this episode, I talk to George Larocque (@glarocque), Principal Analyst at LAROCQUE and HRWins. Our conversation covered: George and his story growing up (2:20), his journey to ...
Recruiting Technology

A Sandwich, A Startup and Fearless Decisions

Once upon a time, I used to make fearless decisions. Or, maybe foolhardy ones. Likely it’s somewhere in the middle. And, maybe “once upon a time” is a ...
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The Real Risks of the Healthcare Talent Crunch

Two months ago, I found myself in an emergency room in Michigan with a 104-degree fever. I’d taken Advil to bring it down, but it wasn’t working. And, ...
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A Decade of Change in Recruiting: What’s Next?

Looking back 10 years is … nostalgic and astounding: 2014: Mobile devices accounted for 25% of all web usage. 2012: Facebook reached 1 billion users. 2011: LinkedIn launches ...
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Should You Break Up With Your Recruitment Marketing Agency?

You love them, you love them not. You love them, you love them not. Valentine’s Day really takes a toll on the hearts and minds in relationship limbo. ...
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Best Talent Acquisition Articles of the Week

Last week, I was in a serious #SRSC trance, getting all the Twitter goodness from afar. (You can see the Storify I created here). This week, I was ...
Talent Acquisition

Just-in-Time Hiring is Dead

Sorry to be a downer, but just-in-time hiring is dead. Correction: it’s a talent acquisition strategy still alive and well in many organizations, but job-led, transactional hiring is ...